Why we built SalesGrid

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There are more than 600 CRM products listed on G2Crowd and dozens of Sales Enablement tools. So, does the sales world need another software tool?

Well, I have been using CRM products and related sales enablement tools since the early nineties and me and my business partners think it’s time to shake things up.

SalesGRID is a business venture backed by four leading experts in the Software and Sales Performance Space. Combined we have over 80+ years of experience in designing and executing sales strategies that drive sales engagement and increased sales Performance. We have started and exited two highly successful sales SaaS businesses and we have been exposed to more sales data, incentive plans, and sales strategies from small businesses to the large Enterprise space than most people would care to.

Marc Fasel is co-founding SalesGRID after being the CTO of Performio for 7 years and building a world-class software that meets stringent IT security requirements for global organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Vodafone, Veeva Systems, Zurich Insurance, Westpac, and many more.

Personally, I have also led high-growth SaaS Sales teams, and every time I sat down with my sales team they had 5 different reports, web pages, etc that they needed to step me through; Salesforce, To-do list, email communications, email tracking, Linkedin, etc.

It always frustrated me that there was no single place where I could talk to our sales process, sales content, opportunities, and activities in one place.

Hence, SalesGRID is the consolidation of all of those efforts into a central easy to navigate product that doesn’t require technical help to set up.

SalesGrid is the result of everything we have learnt from our customers and seen them trying to execute on.

Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use tool for sales teams who want to improve their pipeline velocity and sales conversion by getting better at sales execution.

We are guided by the following principles when we develop SalesGRID functionality:

1) To focus exclusively on B2B sales teams selling complex products or services

Everything we do is about the sales professional and the team they work in. We are not creating a marketing platform. This is all about the tools that salespeople need to guide opportunities through the sales process.

2) SalesGrid is for you if you understand the importance of the sales process. You are also aware of the limitations of the process – salespeople aren’t robots. But you believe in the benefits of having key guard rails and signposts along the way for even the best salespeople.

3) We are building a product that is easy to use and does not allow configuration mania to ruin the user experience for salespeople.

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Get the latest insights from SalesGRID's Blog, every month.