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Flexible Playbooks

Our unique Playbook design feature will help you make sure each sales team has implemented your sales process efficiently.

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You can load and access thousand’s of content items that are proven to assist salespeople to sell. SalesGRID also comes pre-loaded with useful sample content.

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Keep track of how well your process is being executed. Develop a deeper understanding of where your sales opportunities really are in the pipeline.

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SalesGRID is simple and easy to use, so you can focus on the real business of selling B2B.

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Agile Selling to
Improve Pipeline Momentum

Get your whole team on the same page with SalesGRID’s integrated Sales Playbook architecture.

Agile Selling to Improve Pipeline Momentum

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benefits of a sales playbook

What Does a Great Sales Playbook
Do for Your Team?

A fantastic sales playbook can help you clarify the essential components of running a high-performing sales team for your sales leaders. When it comes to choosing what makes a qualified lead, you can’t be flip-flopping or vague about it. Here are some little-known facts about the significance of a great sales playbook:

  • Sales playbooks are more than twice as likely to be used by the top 20% of sales teams (top 20%) than by the bottom 30% (bottom 30%).
  • According to the Aberdeen Group, salespeople who use Sales Playbooks are more likely to hit their targets than those who don’t (54 percent versus 46 percent).
  • When you use playbooks, the Average Selling Price rises 3.9 percent due to your move from selling a commodity to selling a solution.
benefits of sales playbooks

A robust sales playbook can improve performance and efficiency by allowing faster onboarding, more effective sales training, and skill development.

A powerful sales playbook supports team culture while also promoting repeatable processes. A robust sales playbook may highlight why opportunities are not progressing in the pipeline by pointing out why prospects aren’t interested.

Sales playbooks have the potential to significantly improve your sales, revenue efficiency, and profitability by providing a framework for executing those activities.

Sales playbooks foster good communication between Sales, Sales Engineering, Services, Product Management, and Marketing. These units will be better equipped to collaborate to systematically analyze assumptions, identify possibilities, and develop best practices if they start with it as a foundation.

sales playbook benefits

On the sidelines, you’ll find someone with a playbook. Since the start of the season, coaches and players have been working nonstop to perfect their plays. However, they don’t simply throw out the whole book just because things didn’t go as planned.

Players and coaches evaluate the plays they’ve run during time-outs and half-time, making any necessary changes. They attempt it again, causing further modifications as needed, continuing the process until the play is successful.

The playbooks of top teams are living and breathing works in progress that they constantly work on and practice every day. With the way you approach your playbook, your sales team will be well on its way to new heights!

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