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Get Savvy with AI Powered Sales in less than 90 days

Test the limits and measure the benefits of Generative AI in a controlled environment. Get the jump on the competition with the AI transformation.

Get Started

Step 1

Get Started

Start loading content and knowledge to train Savvy

High Value Prompts

Step 2

High Value Prompts

Make Savvy familiar with your sales nuances.

Integrate Sales Process

Step 3

Integrate Sales Process

Train Savvy on your pipeline and process

AI-Powered Sales Assistance

Unlock a Range of Sales Use Cases

Dive into a range of use cases from RFP responses to deal reviews, tailored to generate maximum value for your sales process.

Customizable AI Prompts

Tailor AI to Your Unique Sales Needs

Utilize the “prompt builder” to develop a menu of use cases specific to your sales process, ensuring Savvy aligns with your unique needs.

For Enterprise Sales Teams

Savvy supports roles across sales, from Account Executives to Enablement pros.

Account Executives

Prepare for meetings, handle tough questions, respond to emails and everything else in the sales process with Savvy.

Sales Leaders & Experts

Run role plays, deal reviews and provide expert advice with Savvy. Drive consistent “voice of the sales team”

Sales Enablement

Generate content and drive real time enablement of the sales team. Deploy new sales plays and learning through Savvy as the ultimate sales companion.

In-depth Program Analysis

Gain Valuable Insights for your 2024 Sales Plan

Gain insights from detailed reporting, capturing results, observations, and learnings to inform your future AI strategy.

Elevate Your AI Knowledge

Position Yourself for Future Sales Success

Develop superior knowledge of AI’s opportunities and limitations in sales, positioning you for future success.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join top sales leaders from Performio, Frontier, and more in choosing Savvy.

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Your Data is Secure with SalesGRID

No data is captured by OpenAI. SalesGRID uses the API integration with ChatGPT and all data is secured on SalesGRID servers hosted on Amazon Web Services. No data, prompt or embedding data is stored or retained in ChatGPT or OpenAI

Don't Get Left Behind

Delaying AI integration widens the gap. Stay ahead with Savvy and harness the power of ChatGPT for your sales team.