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Your Data is Secure with SalesGRID

No data is captured by OpenAI. SalesGRID uses the API integration with ChatGPT and all data is secured on SalesGRID servers hosted on Amazon Web Services. No data, prompt or embedding data is stored or retained in ChatGPT or OpenAI

Get Savvy with AI Powered Sales

Test the limits and measure the benefits of Generative AI in a controlled environment. Get the jump on the competition with the AI transformation.

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Step 1

Upload 5-10 files

Upload your best proposals and sales content

High Value Prompts

Step 2

High Value Prompts

Use Savvy to assist proposal strategy and development

Integrate Sales Process

Step 3

Manage your proposals

Easy to use Project Management and Proposal tracking features

Savvy knows your private content library

A secure place to load your private content

Seamlessly upload your sales content to SalesGRID’s AI-driven platform. Our system intelligently categorizes and tags your materials, making them instantly accessible for any deal scenario.

Generate Responses in Bulk

Put Savvy to work on RFP questions and requirements

Get a high quality 1st draft that is typically superior to your typical submissions

AI Sales Assistant Software

Use Savvy to help you throughout the entire bids process

Power Savvy with customer meeting transcripts and all relevant content

Savvy can help write emails, executive summaries, tear sheets, slide deck outlines and more.

AI Powered Proposal Management

Drive and Track conversions

Stay on top of all steps in the process for every proposal you have on the go

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For Enterprise Sales Teams

Savvy supports roles across sales, from Account Executives to Enablement pros.

AI 5

Account Executives

Prepare for meetings, handle tough questions, respond to emails and everything else in the sales process with Savvy.

AI 3

Sales Leaders & Experts

Run role plays, deal reviews and provide expert advice with Savvy. Drive consistent “voice of the sales team”

AI 2

Sales Enablement

Generate content and drive real time enablement of the sales team. Deploy new sales plays and learning through Savvy as the ultimate sales companion.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join top sales leaders from Performio, Frontier, and more in choosing Savvy.

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Don't Get Left Behind

Delaying AI integration widens the gap. Stay ahead with Savvy and harness the power of ChatGPT for your sales team.