5 Reasons Why Sales Coaches Use SalesGRID

Why is SalesGRID awesome for Sales Consultants & Sales Coaches?

Here are five reasons why SalesGRID is worth a close look if you think there’s room for improvement in the way your clients execute on your sales strategy, consulting, and training efforts.

1. Easy access to a dedicated location in the cloud

For your next consulting project – invite your client and their sales team to join your SalesGRID account.

Everyone can access all the documents, tools, tips, templates in a secure, sales-focused environment. No more artifacts on shelves or PowerPoint decks hidden deep away in Google Drive.

2.Visualize the sales process online

SalesGRID’s “Playbook” feature makes it easy to create a clear visualization of all the key stages and steps in the sales process that you develop with your clients. You can design playbooks with any number of stages and steps. Steps can be whatever you need them to be – best practice sales tactics, case studies, sales decks, phone scripts, a top 10 must-do action list, etc.

The awesome thing about SalesGRID is that the playbook integrates seamlessly with the content management system which becomes the sales knowledge database.

3. It’s brilliant for onboarding new reps

As you know, one of the big bugbears for sales managers is the challenge of onboarding new salespeople in a fast and effective manner. Too many reps fall by the wayside or take too long to ramp up to quota.

SalesGRID provides THE onboarding tool for new salespeople. On Day ONE they can log in to SalesGRID to learn about the sales process at their new company – that’s the process you have spent so much time refining with your client.

On day one they can review all the key content in the sales knowledge base – review the sales deck, familiarise themselves with the key case studies, start practicing the key objection handling questions, and more.

4. It creates a stronger connection between you and your client

High user adoption of SalesGRID means that your client and your client’s salespeople are looking at the results of your work every day. Without using overt self-promotion – you can use the content database to make sure your firm’s brand is used in copyright on key templates and tools that are your form’s IP.

5. Develop an additional revenue stream

Have you been a little bit jealous of the annuity revenue streams that CRM vendors and other software providers enjoy with your client base?

With SalesGRID, we see the sales performance improvement industry as a key partner and we are looking for innovative consultants and firms who want to join us in this journey together. You’ll enjoy a significant share in the license fees charged for SalesGRID.

Learn more by contacting us now for a discussion about how you can partner with SalesGRID.

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