Weekly Updates

Each week our team works hard to being new features to SalesGRID. Stay up to date with everything new below.

Monday the 16th of May 2022

Playbook Introduction

You can now publish an introduction to a Playbook. All General content is displayed in the introduction Content column. There is a Description section where you can embed videos, slide decks, text, etc as per the text edit features.

These new features mean that you can introduce the user to the Playbook. Some key concepts to cover will typically include “Ideal Customer Profile,” “Buyer Personas,” product information, company backstory, etc.

General Content

You can now set content as being “general” – this means that the content is not allocated to a specific step in the Playbook. General content always appears as allocated to the Playbook introduction. It is also searchable in all Content views: Kanban, Card, and List view.

Monday the 2nd of May 2022

Power Moves

Power Moves are sales tactics or actions that have been used by sales people to successfully move a deal forward in the sales process. Power Moves are not mandatory actions like the “Key Actions section of the Playbook.

Playbook Heat Map

The Playbook heat map can be accessed from the Insights page in SalesGRID. The ‘heat map’ provides a visual read on where a deal is at in regards to Playbook execution.

Green steps indicate the Step has been completed – Grey denotes ‘in progress” and White means the Step has been skipped or not yet scheduled. Each Step also displays the number of activities and the number of Power Moves used.

Monday the 18th of April 2022

Product Demonstration April 2022

David our CEO and Co-Founder takes you through our updated product as of April 2022.

Call to action buttons

Our new call to action buttons makes it easier than ever to navigate to important content features. Upload files, Create content and Find content from the home page. Making it easier than ever to find and create content.