Salesforce “Companion”

Salesforce users can now enjoy SalesGRID’s new “Playbook Companion feature.

This means that you can deploy the SalesGRID component to any object inside in Salesforce – typically the Opportunity object – but Accounts or Leads would also be potential candidates if you were using SalesGRID for eg. Customer Success and BDR Playbooks respectively.

The component is embedded inside the Opportunity object as per the example screenshot below.

SalesGRID component embedded inside the Opportunity object – Actions selected

The Playbook selector defaults to the primary playbook and the Stage will link to the Salesforce stage – and then display the relevant data and content as per the five tabs:

  • Objecitves
  • Exit Criteria
  • Actions
  • Related Content

There is also a universal “All Content” search still available with more real estate to display search results

Here is a 4 minute video stepping thru how it works and how your sales team can have access to all sales process actions and related content – at their fingertips on every deal

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