Playbook Step Upgrade

We have made some significant improvements and extensions to the Playbook functionality in the latest release of SalesGRID. The 4 minute video here describes this excellent new functionality.

Four minute video on how it works and what you can do

Objectives and Exit Criteria

In the left hand column of the Step view you now can see the Objectives for the Step and the Exit Criteria. The objectives should clearly articulate the purpose for the Step in the buying process – what does success look like for the seller and for the buyer. Exit criteria can be used to define a check list of item(s) that need to be completed or accepted for this Step in the process to be regarded as complete. If you are familiar with OKRs, think of your exit criteria as like the “key results” in the OKR for a Step. Both of these fields include rich text editot options for embedding graphics, video and slide shows.


The 2nd column is now used for “Action” cards – replacing “Power Moves”. An Action is set to either (default) Mandatory or Optional. An Action can be defined as an Event, Task or Email – same as the options in Salesforce.

The cool thing with Actions is you can use them to be super prescriptive on what best practice (mandatory) actions look like in each Step of your sales playbook. Each Action can include rich text detail with embedded video etc. Most crucially (in two weeks), you will be able to relate content cards to each Action.

The effect of this functionality is enable power users to seamlessly integrate sales process and methodology into every Step of the Playbook, ie. this is what needs to be done, this is how you do it, this is the content you can use, these are the options to consider etc.

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