Trial Program

Zoom Workshop #1 Playbook design and content load

In this 60 minute workshop, we’ll get you started with your BDM playbook and load at least 10 x content items.

  • You can invite your sales co-ordinator or someone else who would be good as an Admin User
  • I will also be a Temporary User so I can assist in the set-up phase

Zoom Workshop #2 Prep for Trial

We’ll review your account status on the content and playbook set up and make any final mods

Then we will plan for the trial in terms of who you would like to participate +  goals for the trial

Get to know the product more above with, the SalesGRID Webinar. David with take you through our entire product and break down best practices as well as how to build your sales process in SalesGRID.  

Trial Launch meeting

Schedule the trial start (eg,. for January). At the meeting I will do a 15-minute demo to support your sales meeting. We can agree to formats/content/messaging.

During the trial, you can think of me as an extra set of hands in your sales ops team

  • I can attend sales huddles, do one on ones with sales team members etc


  • $0 set up fee for the trial
  • The program includes approx 10-15 hours of my time free of charge – sufficient to support a successful trial. 
  • Outside of the trial scope – I can provide additional Sales Enablement services @$250 per hour (content development, sales process design, post trial support etc) 
  • Free trial runs for 30 days after the Trial launch date. 
  • Then we do a review meeting to assess actual experience v desired benefits