Pipeline Conversion

All the traditional CRM functionality, plus more.

SalesGRID has all the essential contact management tools that a CRM needs. You can add opportunities and activities directly to the contact or organization.

See activities assigned to the organization or person all in one place and keep track of what has been done and what is yet to be done.

SalesGRID CRM Features

See all your teams opportunities in one place.

Visualizing those big opportunities in your pipeline helps salespeople see where they are with each opportunity.

Easily move opportunities through the pipeline with drag and drop functionality.

Our Integrated opportunities page allows for sales managers and sales teams to see where each opportunity is in the pipeline.

Assign activities to the opportunity to see what needs to be done to move it forward in the pipeline.

Get your sales team on the same page with SalesGRID.

Our program provides an intuitive way of managing all your opportunities within a consistent, agreed sales process. Your sales process is defined in a Kanban Board view of Stages and Steps.

Your sales team will appreciate the way the product doesn’t force them to strictly follow a process. Instead, SalesGRID simply and clearly organizes all your opportunities and sales content within the frame of the agreed sales process.

It’s easy to assess options for every opportunity and to find the content needed for that next customer communication or meeting.

Get your sales team on the same page with SalesGRID