Why Us?

Finally, a sales playbook built for the B2B sales team

  • 80% of CRM features are never used by B2B salespeople. Bloated sales force automation tools are a distraction and are slowing down the sales process.

  • SalesGRID provides you with the essential features PLUS inbuilt Playbooks to help you drive improved conversion rates on your sales deals.

  • SalesGRID is simple and easy to use, so you can focus on the real business of selling B2B.

Why Businesses Choose SalesGRID?

Agile selling uses “Lean” management principles to transform sales pipeline and activity management. SalesGRID provides you with an online playbook for implementing agile selling in your business. 

Why SalesGRID?

Key features you can access today include:

  • Kanban boards to track opportunities
  • Sales sprints to manage all activity in the pipeline
  • Team collaboration on content and all steps in the sales process
  • A 3D sales playbook integrating all stages, steps, and related
  • content in the process
  • A dashboard to help you make data-based decisions

Interested in SalesGRID?

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