SalesGRID Updates

Each week our team works hard to being new features to SalesGRID. Stay up to date with everything new below.

Relating Content to Actions

We are super excited to announce our latest feature release: Related Content on action cards. This feature means you can attach any number of content cards to an Action in a Step in a Playbook.

Why is this important?

Check out the 2 minute video below. The key benefit is that this feature means you can provide the right content to sales people when they need it in the sales process. For example, you can detail an action eg. “Demonstrate a tailored solution”. This action card can then be related to helpful content such as external content showcasing best practices for doing product demos, internal content showcasing examples of excellent tailored demos, a card that details tips for how to prepare a tailored demo etc.

Other benefits

This feature also means that you can now allocate Content cards to multiple steps – something that many customers have been asking for. Nice!

Only administrator users can relate content (and remove from an action card). All users can access related content. Try it out now. The feature is super easy to use.

Playbook Step Upgrade

We have made some significant improvements and extensions to the Playbook functionality in the latest release of SalesGRID. The 4 minute video here describes this excellent new functionality.

Four minute video on how it works and what you can do

Objectives and Exit Criteria

In the left hand column of the Step view you now can see the Objectives for the Step and the Exit Criteria. The objectives should clearly articulate the purpose for the Step in the buying process – what does success look like for the seller and for the buyer. Exit criteria can be used to define a check list of item(s) that need to be completed or accepted for this Step in the process to be regarded as complete. If you are familiar with OKRs, think of your exit criteria as like the “key results” in the OKR for a Step. Both of these fields include rich text editot options for embedding graphics, video and slide shows.


The 2nd column is now used for “Action” cards – replacing “Power Moves”. An Action is set to either (default) Mandatory or Optional. An Action can be defined as an Event, Task or Email – same as the options in Salesforce.

The cool thing with Actions is you can use them to be super prescriptive on what best practice (mandatory) actions look like in each Step of your sales playbook. Each Action can include rich text detail with embedded video etc. Most crucially (in two weeks), you will be able to relate content cards to each Action.

The effect of this functionality is enable power users to seamlessly integrate sales process and methodology into every Step of the Playbook, ie. this is what needs to be done, this is how you do it, this is the content you can use, these are the options to consider etc.

Infinite Scroll on Content

We have been working behind the scenes to implement a state of the art platform for our customers. The first benefit of this investment will be improved response times and system performance – especially in regards to the loading and content search functions.

Also, a new feature has been released where by you can scroll infinitely down the page to view content or activity cards when there are more than 50 cards. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “More” button to view more cards.

Infinite scroll by selecting "More" at the bottom of the page

Ofcourse, you will normally want to use the search or custom tag filters to reduce the number of cards displayed. Nonetheless, this new feature allows you to scroll beyond the previous limitation of 50 cards.

In the works for this Dec QTR

We have been a little quiet on the new feature front the last few weeks. No doubt you have been desperately missing our regular product updates.

The good news is that we have been busily working away in the background so that we can launch some major new features and enhancements this quarter. Significant upgrades have been performed to SalesGRID’s underlying technology so we can roll out new integrations as well as major improvements to the Playbook functionality. And we have been listening hard to your feedback to help refine our roadmap for the next six months.

If you ever have any feedback or ideas for the product – be sure to use the chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of the SalesGRID app or simply email me at

All the best for a successful week

David Marshall

Salesforce custom tab view of SalesGRID

You can now set up SalesGRID inside your Salesforce instance as a custom tab. The user will stay active for the full session in Salesforce. All features and functionality can be enjoyed inside the custom tab in Salesforce.

Full page content view

All content cards are now presented in full page view mode and all permissions and functions are available inside this view in all cases. So, when you open your daily digest – you will see the card in full page view – rather than the previous modal view.