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Each week our team works hard to being new features to SalesGRID. Stay up to date with everything new below.

Riding the 3 Waves of ChatGPT Powered Sales

On March 24th, Marc & David from SalesGRID delivered a webinar covering key content on how ChatGPT is likely to transform the B2B sales process.

David introduced the likely “Three Waves” we can expect in the near future as well as the potential limits of the incursion into the role of the human B2B Sales Team.

Marc talk through ChatGPT 4.0 and some amazing use cases. Then, David and Marc demonstrate five innovative examples of how ChatGPT can be taken to the next level when you integrate your content and sales process & methodology via “prompt engineering”.

This webinar includes updates from March 9th in terms of ChatGPT4 and a live avatar in the role play demo.

Salesforce “Companion”

Salesforce users can now enjoy SalesGRID’s new “Playbook Companion feature.

This means that you can deploy the SalesGRID component to any object inside in Salesforce – typically the Opportunity object – but Accounts or Leads would also be potential candidates if you were using SalesGRID for eg. Customer Success and BDR Playbooks respectively.

The component is embedded inside the Opportunity object as per the example screenshot below.

SalesGRID component embedded inside the Opportunity object – Actions selected

The Playbook selector defaults to the primary playbook and the Stage will link to the Salesforce stage – and then display the relevant data and content as per the five tabs:

  • Objecitves
  • Exit Criteria
  • Actions
  • Related Content

There is also a universal “All Content” search still available with more real estate to display search results

Here is a 4 minute video stepping thru how it works and how your sales team can have access to all sales process actions and related content – at their fingertips on every deal

Playbook Thumbnails

The latest release of SalesGRID now means you can – hooray – add thumbnails to the Step cards in your Playbook(s). This feature serves a couple of visual but important benefits

  1. It means that you can effectively brand your Playbook with branded tiles on each card
  2. It means you can add a visual cue to each Step to make the Steps in your Playbook “pop” = make it clear to the sales user what the Step is about.

As with all things SalesGRID, we aim to make the product as helpful as we can by making all features both useful and engaging.

We have included two videos below. The first video showcases the new functionality. The second video provides some tips on how to create great looking thumbnail.jpegs that can be uploaded to a SalesGRID playbook.

New Content type – Email template

The latest release of SalesGRID contains a new card type for capturing emails. This is ideal where you want easy access to the best emails for different scenarios. Your CRM will likely have the ability to capture email templates for common use cases. SalesGRID enables you to expand on that with any number of email examples across all Steps and actions in your Playbook (s).

Creating a new email template is easy. Simply select the “Add” icon or “Create Content” from the Home page. And then select the “Email” type from the left hand card type menu. You then enter the email subject and the body text. We will be releasing additional functionality next year in terms of Gmail integration.

Internal use Only Flag

In the latest release of SalesGRID there is a new option to flag content as for “Internal use only”. This is helpful where you want your sales team to be super clear on those assets that are not to be sent outside the company.

It’s very easy to use. Any content card owner can turn on the flag – refer the button under the Title – and then Update the card. When this is done the message “This content is for internal use only. Do not share with buyer.”

Relating Content to Actions

We are super excited to announce our latest feature release: Related Content on action cards. This feature means you can attach any number of content cards to an Action in a Step in a Playbook.

Why is this important?

Check out the 2 minute video below. The key benefit is that this feature means you can provide the right content to sales people when they need it in the sales process. For example, you can detail an action eg. “Demonstrate a tailored solution”. This action card can then be related to helpful content such as external content showcasing best practices for doing product demos, internal content showcasing examples of excellent tailored demos, a card that details tips for how to prepare a tailored demo etc.

Other benefits

This feature also means that you can now allocate Content cards to multiple steps – something that many customers have been asking for. Nice!

Only administrator users can relate content (and remove from an action card). All users can access related content. Try it out now. The feature is super easy to use.

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