Relating Content to Actions

We are super excited to announce our latest feature release: Related Content on action cards. This feature means you can attach any number of content cards to an Action in a Step in a Playbook.

Why is this important?

Check out the 2 minute video below. The key benefit is that this feature means you can provide the right content to sales people when they need it in the sales process. For example, you can detail an action eg. “Demonstrate a tailored solution”. This action card can then be related to helpful content such as external content showcasing best practices for doing product demos, internal content showcasing examples of excellent tailored demos, a card that details tips for how to prepare a tailored demo etc.

Other benefits

This feature also means that you can now allocate Content cards to multiple steps – something that many customers have been asking for. Nice!

Only administrator users can relate content (and remove from an action card). All users can access related content. Try it out now. The feature is super easy to use.

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