Real Time Playbooks

SalesGRID’s unique Playbook feature means you can create effective sales playbooks to help your team close big deals. You can define all the detailed Stages and Steps in your sales process to build out a kanban board for your playbook.

In each step, you can define the Description = what the Step is all about, and why it’s important to the sales process. And in each step you also define three key objects:

1. Key actions – the things that must be done

2. Power Moves – hot tips and ideas that can move deals forward and 

3. Content – all the related content cards including best practices, templates, training videos, call scripts, email examples, etc.

Accessing the playbook in ‘real time’

With SalesGRID, you can enable your salespeople to be always thinking tactically and strategically on every deal in terms of those three objects

  1. What must I be doing now
  2. What could I be doing
  3. What content can I use

This is a step improvement on the typical situation in deal reviews and sales meetings where the salespeople and sales managers are scratching fro ideas on what to do next. Eg “I’ll send a follow-up email” or “I pull together some slides for the meeting”.

With SalesGRID, every activity card presents the key elements of the sales process all the time. And a playbook heat map provides a strategic view of where the deal is at and where the weak points are.

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