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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Sales Playbook Software

We asked our customers why they would recommend using SalesGRID for their sales playbook. Here’s what they had to say:

Reason #1: A Clear Game Plan for Winning Deals

SalesGRID means you can design your winning sales process and manage all your sales and marketing content in one place. Everyone on the team will be clear on all the stages and steps in the playbook.

Reason #2: Find The Right Content at the Right time

All content is integrated with the steps in your Playbook so that it is accessible when salespeople need it. SalesGRID’s unique “Power Moves” feature means you can capture those “hot tips” and plays that keep deals moving forward.

Reason #3: Super Easy to Use

SalesGRID is designed for the Agile Sales Team and can be set up and ready to go in a few hours. The playbook builder means you can create your own Sales Playbook in minutes. Content and Power Moves are easy to load.

Reason #4: Track Sales Playbook Execution

SalesGRID is the only sales enablement tool that helps you clearly track Playbook utilization via easy-to-understand “heat-maps” at the Opportunity level as well as per rep and per team.

Reason #5: Get Your Team Working as a TEAM

SalesGRID is designed to empower your sales people to collaborate on your sales playbook by continuously posting new power moves as well as winning content that helps get deals done.

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Meet SalesGRID. Your Team’s New Favorite App.

The recommendations in SalesGRID are based on your company’s proven sales plays. Your team’s best sales conversations are unique.Now you’ll know what great looks like for you so that you may create a playbook and assemble a team of quota-breaking superstars.

Unlike other sales playbook builders, SalesGRID’s architecture is unique. You can follow your team’s customer-facing conversations such as email, phone, and web conferencing in real-time to see whether messaging, methodology, and enablement materials are being utilized on the ground.

SalesGRID enables reps to self-train using real-world interactions because it provides them with the resources they need.

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How SalesGRID Helps your Team

Improve Sales Processes

At SalesGRID we understand that each sales team has unique demands and varying sales processes. That’s why we have developed a product that allows you to create a unique sales process tailored to the demands of your sales team.

Easily Find Content

Finally, a product that brings your sales process and knowledge base altogether in one easy-to-use tool.

SalesGRID means you can design your winning sales process and manage all your sales and marketing content in one place.

Better Pipeline Management

Take advantage of Lean sales management practices to drive improved productivity and higher conversion rates.

SalesGRID uses Kanban boards which seamlessly integrate your knowledge base with the sales process and live opportunities.

All steps in the sales process can be tracked through the Activity Kanban. Smart date filtering options mean that you can easily run sales “Sprints” to keep the team focused on the right things. It’s also great for keeping sales meetings on track.

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