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Drive team alignment on all the sales plays and moves in your sales process. Empower your team to contribute and buy into the sales strategy.

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Run Engaging and Collaborative Sales Meetings

Imagine finishing a sales meeting where your team has collaborated to captured a couple of super cool ideas for progressing deals in the pipeline. Imagine having conversations that go deep into the buying process and support ongoing learning for your team. This is how it’s done with SalesGRID.

Run Pipeline Reviews that don’t Suck

Standard pipeline reports are not a good basis for running a deal review. It’s Groundhog day. Rarely do actionable ideas get raised that can help move deals forward. Typically the conversation circles around ways of getting the customer to respond to a voicemail or email request for a follow up meeting.

With SalesGRID, you’ve got all the options relevant to the deal stage. Your team will be better prepared and you can drive more fruitful conversations in deal reviews.

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