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It’s day one for your new Account Executive. How will they learn all the steps in your sales process from MQL to Close? And how will you know when they are up to speed on it all? 

SalesGRID provides a dynamic onboarding experience for new sales people to step through the process at their own pace. More than just a sales process map; SalesGRID provides AEs with the ability to learn all the best sales plays, review all the best content and acquaint themselves with the key Actions on every step.

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They said it couldn't be done

You have seen a lot of powerpoint decks that document the company sales process or a “playbook”. Some looked really good. But they only ever covered the surface level detail. There’s so many steps, so many plays in a sales process, so much content and so many variations to consider.

SalesGRID has solved for this problem with a dynamic and ingenious way of organising all your content, all your sales plays, all your key actions against all the key steps in your sales process.

Ridiculously easy to set up. Easy to maintain.

You’ve got some big products in your sales tech stack. You don’t need an enablement platform that’s going to take months to implement and be a full time job to maintain. Sales GRID is designed with “ease of use” at the centre of every feature we create.

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