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Let Savvy Take the Grunt Work Out of RFPs

Train your AI Chatbot in minutes and effortlessly complete RFPs. With Savvy's AI-driven expertise, tackle even the most complex RFPs without breaking a sweat.

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Savvy Learns & Understands Your Sales Process

Upload a few of your best RFP documents or link to Google Drive and you will have an expert in no time!

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Step 1

Get Started

Start loading content and knowledge to train Savvy

High Value Prompts

Step 2

High Value Prompts

Make Savvy familiar with your sales nuances.

Integrate Sales Process

Step 3

Integrate Process

Train Savvy on your pipeline and process

Rapid RFP Drafting

High Quality 1st Drafts in minutes

With Savvy’s AI capabilities, produce a comprehensive first draft response to RFPs quicker than ever before.

Effortless RFP Library Updates

Constantly learning and improving for the next RFP

Savvy makes updating and maintaining your RFP knowledge base a breeze, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date responses at hand.

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Your Data is Secure with SalesGRID

No data is captured by OpenAI. SalesGRID uses the API integration with ChatGPT and all data is secured on SalesGRID servers hosted on Amazon Web Services. No data, prompt or embedding data is stored or retained in ChatGPT or OpenAI

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Every moment counts in the competitive world of RFPs. Equip your team with Savvy and redefine efficiency.