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All the moves inside your existing sales tech stack

Get your whole team on the same page with SalesGRID’s integrated Sales Playbook architecture. Embed the playbook and all related content inside your Salesforce instance.

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SalesGRID is like “Trello for sales teams”

Take advantage of Lean sales management practices to drive improved productivity and higher conversion rates.

SalesGRID uses Kanban boards which seamlessly integrate your knowledge base with the sales process and live opportunities.

All steps in the sales process can be tracked through the Activity Kanban. Smart date filtering options mean that you can easily run sales “Sprints” to keep the team focused on the right things. It’s also great for keeping sales meetings on track.

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Improves conversion rates and momentum through your sales pipeline.

A serious challenge for many B2B sales teams is poor conversion rates through the pipeline, especially in the process’ final stages.

Sales pipelines are loaded with qualified opportunities that are stagnant after an initially promising start.

SalesGRID is designed to prompt sales people in real time with all the key actions and power moves to help keep deals moving.

Easy to set up. Easy to maintain. Easy to use.

SalesGRID uses a Kanban design style throughout so that it is super easy to manage all your contacts, opportunities, activity – all within the framework of your Sales Playbook.

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What does a Great Sales Playbook do for Your Team?

A fantastic sales playbook can help you clarify the essential components of running a high-performing sales team for your sales leaders. When it comes to choosing what makes a qualified lead, you can’t be flip-flopping or vague about it. Here are some little-known facts about the significance of a great sales playbook:

  • Sales playbooks are more than twice as likely to be used by the top 20% of sales teams (top 20%) than by the bottom 30% (bottom 30%).
  • According to the Aberdeen Group, salespeople who use Sales Playbooks are more likely to hit their targets than those who don’t (54 percent versus 46 percent).
  • When you use playbooks, the Average Selling Price rises 3.9 percent due to your move from selling a commodity to selling a solution.
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A study conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association found that companies who defined a formal sales process experienced 18% more revenue growth than those without.

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