Help sales teams apply best practices. Improve win rates on big deals.

Welcome to SalesGRID. The following videos explain how SalesGRID’s AI can help your sales team collaborate to develop dynamic sales playbooks and close big deals.

Introduction to Sales Playbooks

A playbook defines all the Steps in your sales process with all the related Content, Key Actions and Power Moves that help sales people convert deals and improve pipeline momentum.

You can build multiple playbooks and have total flexibility over the number of Stages and Steps in each Playbook (eg for New Business, Customer Success and more). 

Introduction to Content Management

SalesGRID includes an easy to use content management system that is built for the modern sales and marketing team. You can create content cards for all types of content from video, to MS Office files, to URL and web pages, text cards and more. 

You can apply custom tags, key word phrases and sales process categorisation for optimal search capability – makes it easy for your sales people to find the right content when they need it.

Sales Playbook Execution

Sales people can access the playbook in real time – access the key actions, power moves and most relevant content based on the current stages in the sales process. SalesGRID includes insights into your the utilisation of your playbook.

Product Overview and Demonstration

Meet SalesGRID, the innovative product that is centred around creating a repeatable winning sales process. Collect and store content, as well as track activities and opportunities in one easy to use tool. 

The following video is a brief introduction and demonstration of SalesGRID. This will give you and your business better insight into how you could use SalesGRID to transform your sales process.

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