Onboard new team members with ease

SalesGRID allows for new team members to understand the companies sales process. With all the key content in one place, new additions to the team can easily access all your companies best content and understand best practice. 

Onboard New Salespeople

Onboard your new salespeople in record time

Getting new salespeople ramped up has got to be one of the toughest challenges for sales management.

SalesGRID is the go-to resource for your sales rookies. Sales tips, sales, and marketing collateral, templates. It’s brilliant for onboarding new salespeople because they can access it all in one place from Day ONE. You can track a new starter’s progress in the onboarding phase and how well they are executing the sales process through the pipeline.

Get your sales team on the same page with SalesGRID.

Our program provides an intuitive way of managing all your opportunities within a consistent, agreed sales process. Your sales process is defined in a Kanban Board view of Stages and Steps.

Your sales team will appreciate the way the product doesn’t force them to strictly follow a process. Instead, SalesGRID simply and clearly organizes all your opportunities and sales content within the frame of the agreed sales process.

It’s easy to assess options for every opportunity and to find the content needed for that next customer communication or meeting.

Get your sales team on the same page with SalesGRID

Transform rookies into seasoned professionals.

Content is at the centre of an effective sales process, it allows for your salespeople to execute winning sales plays. So why have your salespeople waste valuable time continuously looking for content?

Our integrated content page allows for you to assign key content to steps and stages ensuring that each team member is using tried and tested winning content.