Meet the SalesGRID Team


David Marshall - Co Founder and CEO

David is an expert in B2B sales and is a successful founder of multiple Sales SaaS businesses.

David has worked in sales, managed sales teams, run sales operations, designed sales incentives, and improved sales processes over a 30-year career.

He has consulted with around 100 Australian and US sales teams. His latest startup, SalesGRID, helps salespeople achieve better sales results through better sales messaging.


Marc Fasel - Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Marc has worked in software development for 20+ years, and is an experienced CTO, Architect, Thought Leader, and Public Speaker.

He has a passion for building elegant, modern, and maintainable software. Marc has successfully collaborated with David in the past to build world-class sales technology software.

His aim with SalesGRID is to build a tool that is a pleasure to use and is loved by salespeoplebecause it simplifies their sales activities and boosts their bottom line.


Millie Meldrum - Marketing Manager

Millie has worked in Social Media management in both the not for profit and commercial arenas.

Millie is undertaking her Bachelor of Professional Communications at the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology and is a keen learner.