Sales Playbooks

Create and manage sales playbooks to guide your team

At SalesGRID we understand that each sales team has unique demands and varying sales processes. That’s why we have developed a product that allows you to create a unique sales process tailored to the demands of your sales team.

Integrate sales methodology into your process

You can embed best practices from MEDDPICC or MEDDIC  into your playbook as well integrating your preferred sales methodology such as SPIN, Challenger etc. 

As an administrator, you can track pipeline activity per Playbook, or you can choose to “view all”.

Playbook Contracting

A Unique Playbook to Support your Agile Sales Team.

SalesGRID is the Saas tool that will help your sales team move those big opportunities through the pipeline.

Our unique playbook feature will help you ensure each sales team is implementing your own winning sales process efficiently.

Giving your sales team a clear picture of your company’s sales process and which steps are next in the stage will help move those big opportunities forward.

A supported discussion thread in the playbook, opportunities and content sections introduce collaboration back into sales teams, encouraging team members to share their winning tips and tricks.

SalesGRID Sales Content Description

Have Your Best Quarter Yet

A study conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association found that companies who defined a formal sales process experienced 18% more revenue growth than those without.