Introducing the Sales Playbook for the Agile Selling Team

Finally, a product that brings your sales process and knowledge base all together in one easy-to-use tool.

SalesGRID means you can design your winning sales process and manage all your sales and marketing content in one place.


13 Hours

A week is spent looking for content & creating content.



Of sales execs said content search & utilization as the top productivity improvement area.



Of sales reps feel they don't have enough information before making a call.
Create Virtuous Cycle

Create a virtuous cycle.

You can load up your best content to SalesGRID as “recommended moves”. But everyone in your team can share their own moves and content. Colleagues can even rate content so that the highest rated content rises to the top of the Playbook.

Peer ratings will provide a positive feedback loop to encourage people to continuously improve and expand content in the Playbook.

SalesGRID creates a virtuous feedback loop that improves the quality of your Playbook and will ultimately drive more sales for your company.

Take control of your sales knowledge-base

How much time does your team waste looking for the right desks, tools, and templates? How many times do you have to re-create content for sales prospects?

SalesGRID means that you’ve got access to all your best sales content and tips. You can load all office document formats, website links, videos, and more. 

Master admins can determine the official content for your sales playbook whilst individual salespeople can contribute their best content and moves. Everyone can collaborate and rate the best content.

Save time and harness your best sales and marketing content

Save time and harness your best sales and marketing content.

SalesGRID is your online database for all the best sales and marketing content that your sales team needs to win deals. Savvy buyers are always asking for information on your products and your company.

How many times have you found yourself searching for marketing materials, sales tools, or email copy? How frustrating is it when you have to re-create content?

SalesGRID will solve this problem, save you time and improve your ability to close deals.

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