Is your sales team getting traction?

Those precious MQLs.

You continue to make significant investments in your demand generation programs. Leads are filling the funnel (more would be nice but…) and the pipeline report looks busy. But what’s going on with all these deals? Are sales people really getting traction with their prospective customers – or is the funnel leaking like a sieve?

Sales playbook Heatmap

Mesure Sales Traction

Pipeline Stages dont tell half the picture of where a deal is at in the buying process – not even close. SalesGRID enables your sales team to execute a sales process that is buyer centric with the key Steps detailed behind every Stage.

You can get a real picture on where every deal is at with exit criteria defined for every Step in the buyer’s journey. SalesGRID’s “deal heatmap” provides a birdseye view of the likelihood of a deal closing.

Capture the IP of your best producers

How much sales know-how do you lose from your business, every time a top performer leaves the company? Ofcourse, it’s not realistic to think we can ‘clone’ high performance behaviours. However, it is reasonable to expect that we should be be able to capture what best practice looks like so everyone can learn from it.

SalesGRID empowers the sales team to contribute their best content and power moves. They can load videos and recordings of their best presentations and customer calls. They can share tailored slide decks for specific customer scenarios. The whole team can collaborate to drive continuous improvement of the sales process.

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