Ten Email Templates That Will Improve Your Lead Generation


Email remains the number one tool for salespeople to connect with potential customers. The following are a range of templates that will help you engage with your prospects in new ways.

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The following template follows the AIDA framework Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The framework is an old copywriting technique that dates back to the 1900s. This classic copywriting template formula is easily applied to email outreach; It gives you an outline to include in your main body. Read here how to conduct the all important scoping meeting 

Attention – Hook their attention

Interest – Relate to their interests to continue to engage them

Desire – Show how they benefit from your offer to arouse desire

Action – Create a call to action – Click, Reply, or Purchase. The end goal is to secure a response.


Hi [First Name],

If you’re like most [lead’s role], you know how hard it can be to [deal with the problem your company solves].

Our [product/service] eliminates the stress and improves this by [one-sentence pitch]. Here’s what [customer ] has said about us:

[customer testimonial about the problem]

Would you also like to have [the benefit of your product]? If yes, will you email me the best time to give you a call next week?

Adapted from LeadFeeder  


The Idea of this template is to get the recipient to imagine their lives after using your life-changing product or service. You want to paint a picture of life before the solution, life after it and then bridge it together – Ask for the appointment. 


Hi [First Name],

What would you [or leads company] do with [the significant benefit of your product/service]?

Does that seem unrealistic? Well, it happened to more than a few of our customers?

Including [your customer] who [insert benefit or success stats] when they used [your product/service].

As you might have noticed, both companies are similar in size and industry to [lead’s company].

I’m confident [your company] can get you similar results.

Would you have some free time next week for a personalised demo?

Adapted from Buffer 


A Referal can be one of your most powerful tools. There are two ways you can get a referral: email someone high up in the organisation and ask for a referral down to the right person, or email the decision-maker and directly pitching them to log in, get onto a call, or book a meeting. 


Hi [first name],

My name is [my name], and I head up business development efforts with [my company]. We recently launched a new platform that [one sentence pitch].

I am taking an educated stab in the dark here; however, based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with … or might at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to speak with someone from [company] responsible for [handling something relevant to my product].

If that’s you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on [time and date] to discuss ways the [company name] platform can specifically help your business? If not you, can you, please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help!



Adapted from Blog close

Make It Personal

A highly personalised targeted email outreach can break through the noise and get your audience to listen if you know who you need to talk to in the organisation. A personalised email takes a little more effort but has been successful in engaging with its audience. 


Hi [firstname],

During some research of [company name], I came across your profile – love how passionate you’ve been the past [number of years they’ve been working at the company, look it up on their LinkedIn profile] years to help scale the [department] team, while also being that go-to advisor for your growing customers. This [software review site name] review about [highlight of the review relevant to your product].

However, I imagine you still have customers requesting [address pain point your solution solves]. I’m curious – are any customer accounts at risk that would benefit from [what you offer]? [Recognizable brand name], new [your company name] customer, needed a way to [what you offer]. Since leveraging [your company name], their [major benefit]. As a result, their customers experienced [business impact].

Does it make sense to explore ways we can help your team as well?



Adapted from Tray

Share Helpful Content

Content is an essential resource in sales. By adding content to your cold email, you’re adding value, so an audience is more likely to not only open the email but respond positively. 


[Contact Name],

Your latest announcement this week about [News] got me thinking.

I found this article on [Name of Article] that may be beneficial as you folks progress.

Here’s the link to read it: [URL]

Hope you find it helpful,


Adapted from Hubspot

Inbound lead from content

Using data from your website to capture new leads is an effective way to use the data and create potential new leads. The potential prospect had already shown interest in your company. By creating personalised tips for the company, you are value-adding for their company. 


Hi [Contact Name],

You recently visited our website and downloaded [Name of Content]. Did you download the piece just to learn more about [topic]? Or, are you looking for a cost-effective solution to [topic]?

I actually did some research on [Lead Company] and have the following tips:

– [Tip 1]

– [Tip 2]

Have you thought of doing this?



Sujan’s 3-Sentence Format

This template takes the more-is-less approach and delivers results. You don’t have to cut your message down into three sentences literally, but it should be as close to 3 as possible. It should include – your intro, description, your ask.


Hi {{name}},

My name is {{your name}}, and I’ll keep this quick.

I’m the founder of a software tool that saves busy executives like you as many as 10 hours each and every week.

Could I have ten minutes of your time next week for a personalised demo that’ll make clear why entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Malcolm Gladwell love our product?

Adapted from Mailshake

Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS)

All prospects face irritating challenges. The following template throws light on the prospects pain points, Highlighting the prospects’ problem agitating and emphasising the issue and then offering a solution to reduce or eliminate the issue. 


Hi {{name}},

When’s the last time you finished everything on your daily to-do list?

If you’re like most busy executives, you’re constantly struggling to stay on top of everything – let alone be the effective leader you need to be.

Our software helps motivated entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Malcolm Gladwell save as much as ten hours per week that can be directed back at your top priorities.

I’d love to give you a personalised demo. When are you free next week?

I look forward to your response. 


Praise-Picture-Push (PPP)

The following template uses a little bit of flattery to engage your audience – Similar to the personalised email approach; it takes a little more preparation. Start with a genuine compliment about a recent achievement or accomplishment, paint a picture of all the company could achieve on a regular basis with your product and then encourage and compel them to take action. 


Hi {{name}},

Congrats! I just saw that you were chosen as a speaker for the 2019 Inbound Marketing conference next month.

As you’re preparing for your presentation, it’s natural to fall behind on other tasks. If you’re struggling to keep up, I’d love to show you how our software can help you reclaim ten hours or more per week.

Can I have ten minutes of your time next week to give you a personalised demo?  

Congratulations again 


Adapted from Mailshake


Email outreach continues to be one of the top resources used by salespeople to engage with potential customers. Using these templates will help sharpen your pitch and engage with your prospective customers.

Suggested action: Go through all your email templates that you have used in the last 7 days and categorised them into the types identified above. This will help you identify any new techniques you could be using as well as polishing up your existing templates.

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