Managing your Sales Knowledge Base

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As a CTO for SaaS companies in the last 10 years, I have been involved in many sales opportunities, both as a technical advisor and as a collaborator to provide documents such as security certifications, IT architecture diagrams, and policies.

The modern buyer is sophisticated and structured in their decision making, and the amount of information that the buyer requires to decide on the right software for them is increasing.

The issue is that sales materials, fact sheets, and technical information are all over the place.

It’s really hard for salespeople to access the up-to-date content they need. They have to ask other teams for the same documents over and over again, or worse, reuse documents from other opportunities that are old or might even be customized for another buyer.

At SalesGRID we are working hard to solve this problem.

SalesGRID is the cloud content repository optimized for Sales teams and owned by the sales team. It is cloud-based, which makes the documents accessible anytime from anywhere. It is shared so that all team members benefit from the documents uploaded, not just the individual.

We have made some smart design decisions to address the key challenges:

Sales Process

1 Your Sales Process

Everything in SalesGRID is underpinned by your sales process. The stages and steps of the sales process you define in the playbook give you the ideal structure to store the documents. After all, the point of the documents is to support the salesperson in a specific stage and step in the sales process.

Knowledege Base

2 Better Results

When searching for documents the content results are retained in that structure, which makes it easy to find the right content.

Full Text Search

3 Smarter Search

We have developed a full-text search across all the metadata in the content files. We are also developing full-text search and indexing of all files loaded to the database.


4 Team Collaboration

SalesGRID encourages team collaboration. Each document has an automatic discussion thread where team members can ask questions about the content, the best way to use it, or make suggestions on how to improve it.

Peer Rating

5 Peer Reviewed

Peer ratings on content items are used to present search results that are most relevant to the users.

As we develop the product with our customers we will continue to refine the knowledge base features to make SalesGRID a super useful tool for smart B2B sales teams.

Get the latest insights from SalesGRID's Blog, every month.

Get the latest insights from SalesGRID's Blog, every month.