The 5 Best Lead Generation Call Scripts

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Lead Generation calls in B2B sales are often one of the first hurdles presented to Salespeople. We have curated the top 5 lead generation call scripts to get you that first appointment. 

Learn how to blitz that first meeting 

Before making your call, it’s essential to look up how to pronounce the prospect’s name correctly. It is a minor factor but failing to do so can put you on the back foot from the get-go. 

If you can’t see the pronunciation on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, try 

Still nothing? Just ask, “I want to be sure I’m saying your name correctly. How do you pronounce it?”

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Make The Call Personal

Prospects are likely receiving numerous calls each week. Don’t wing it. Use a Script that is personalized and adds value to cover the prospect’s time. 

But how? 

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it. Choose your prospects carefully, is this person in your ICP? Or are they just another person on a list? 

Most prospects will have a LinkedIn profile. Use this information to personalize your prospecting calls. 

Employees today have more information about themselves freely available than ever before. Use this to your advantage. Take 15 minutes to research the person you are calling. 

Using a personal opening helps you build rapport with your lead. Meaning they will be more likely to listen to your solution. 

Research the following 

  • The critical services or products that the company offers
  • The role of the person you are speaking to (not just their title)
  • Look for commonalities – e.g. have you worked in a similar position or company before
  • One ‘Fun fact” about them 

“I noticed you used to work at [PAST COMPANY]. How did you find it there?” 

“I saw you studied at [ University]. A friend of mine also went there!” 


The Choose Your Own Adventure

Your prospect may not fit the profile you think they do. Instead of assuming, let them tell you where they fit. The script encourages a decision from early on and gives the call momentum from the start. 

Give the prospect two different ways your company would help them, and let them decide which resonates with their pain point most. Be specific on how you will solve their problem.

Use this Call Script copy

Qualifying Right From The Start

Qualifying the prospects’ problem from the beginning gives you an advantage going into the call.  

Gathering research can be time-consuming. Using this script gives you all the information needed and makes the prospect feel like it’s not just another sales call. 

Ask three different qualifying questions such as 

  • What similar products do they currently use 
  • If they would be willing to change 
  • And if they are the right person in the company to be talking to 

Using these questions makes sure that the prospect is in your ICP and that both businesses are pursuing or considering a product that aligns with their respective goals.


Make Your Solution Sound Unique

Making your solution sound unique is going to grab your prospects’ attention and hold it longer.

Creating a sense of discovery will help keep them on the call longer because they are keen to know more. 

Every product will offer at least one unique feature. Businesses are actively looking for innovative solutions, positioning yourself as an innovator it will inspire hope in your prospect. 

  • Adapted from Sales Outsourcing Service 

Identifying Their Pain Point

By identifying a prospect’s pain point, you will be able to position your product as their savior; explaining exactly what your business would do to help this pain point will not only grab their attention but add value. 

By rephrasing their pain point into what they are struggling with and having them confirm it strengthens your position. To them, it shows you understand what exactly they have been struggling with. 


In conclusion, there are five main ways to make that first appointment

  • Make it personal 
  • Get them to tell you what profile they best fit
  • Let them tell you what you can help them with
  • Position yourself as an Innovator 
  • Sympathize with their pain points and confirm that your product has in the past and will help rectify the issue. 
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