Agile Selling to Improve Pipeline Momentum

Get your whole team on the same page with GRID’s integrated Sales Playbook architecture.

Agile Selling to Improve Pipeline Momentum

Improves conversion rates and momentum through your sales pipeline.

A serious challenge for many B2B sales teams is poor conversion rates through the pipeline, especially in the process’ final stages.

Most sales managers are familiar with the sales pipeline problem being loaded with qualified opportunities that are stagnant after an initially promising start.

A lack of sales momentum will kill deals and ultimately kill sales careers.

Improves conversion rates and momentum through your sales pipeline
Get your sales team on the same page with SalesGRID

Get your sales team on the same page with SalesGRID.

Our program provides an intuitive way of managing all your opportunities within a consistent, agreed sales process. Your sales process is defined in a Kanban Board view of Stages and Steps.

Your sales team will appreciate the way the product doesn’t force them to strictly follow a process. Instead, SalesGRID simply and clearly organizes all your opportunities and sales content within the frame of the agreed sales process.

It’s easy to assess options for every opportunity and to find the content needed for that next customer communication or meeting.

Kanban boards are kool

SalesGRID uses a Kanban design style throughout so that it is super easy to manage all your contacts, opportunities, activity – all within the framework of your Sales Playbook.

Kanban boards are kool

Save time and harness your best sales and marketing content.

SalesGRID is your online database for all the best sales and marketing content that your sales team needs to win deals. Savvy buyers are always asking for information on your products and your company.

How many times have you found yourself searching for marketing materials, sales tools, or email copy? How frustrating is it when you have to re-create content?

SalesGRID will solve this problem, save you time and improve your ability to close deals.

Save time and harness your best sales and marketing content

No more boring, repetitive sales meetings

SalesGRID’s integrated Playbook design naturally drives conversations to the heart of the matter:

SalesGRID provides simple yet powerful filter and search capabilities for gaining a clear understanding of pipeline status and health.

Create a virtuous cycle.

You can load up your best content to SalesGRID as “recommended moves”. But everyone in your team can share their own moves and content. Colleagues can even rate content so that the highest rated content rises to the top of the Playbook.

Peer ratings will provide a positive feedback loop to encourage people to continuously improve and expand content in the Playbook.

SalesGRID creates a virtuous feedback loop that improves the quality of your Playbook and will ultimately drive more sales for your company.

Create Virtuous Cycle

Manage Multiple Playbooks.

As an administrator, you can create multiple Playbooks and define who can access each Playbook.

For example, you might want to add a Playbook for a new product launch, or maybe the Enterprise sales team needs a different Playbook for the SMB sales team.

As an administrator, you can track pipeline activity per Playbook, or you can choose to “view all”.

Manage your RFP database.

SalesGrid can manage your bid library so that those common questions in RFPs can be answered easily. You don’t need to constantly rewrite responses to what are in effect the same questions.

Manage RFP Database

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