Why B2Bs Choose SalesGRID?

Agile selling uses “Lean” management principles to transform sales pipeline and activity management.

SalesGRID provides you with an online playbook for implementing agile selling in your business. 

SalesGRID Features

Key features you can access today include:

  • Kanban boards to track opportunities
  • Sales sprints to manage all activity in the pipeline
  • Team collaboration on content and all steps in the sales process
  • A 3D sales playbook integrating all stages, steps, and related
  • content in the process
  • A dashboard to help you make data-based decisions

The problem we are solving for

It’s all about B2B sales teams.

Selling a solution to large companies that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars is a very different sales process to closing 10K deals in the SME market. 

These large deals require many more steps to navigate and many more stakeholders who can change the course of a deal and demand a much wider array of custom content to support their buying process.

This complexity means that there isn’t a simple ten-page “playbook” in Powerpoint that you can give to the sales team.

Furthermore, sales tools like Salesforce.com provide a database platform to record activity and track the status of large deals. This is good for sales managers. But it doesn’t actually HELP salespeople follow the best practices that close deals.

And sales automation and enablement tools assume a simple waterfall process that might work well for small deals but are hopelessly not fit for purpose for large enterprise deals that demand a more agile sales methodology.

How we are addressing the problem

We are developing SalesGRID to address this gap for enterprise sales teams. It’s a sales enablement software with three core feature sets.






SG About Insights

Adding SalesGRID to your tech stack

The sales Playbook sits at the center of the architecture and user experience. It provides a framework for supporting an Agile approach to sales opportunity management.

A Playbook is a multi-dimensional view of your sales process

  • The stages in your pipeline 
  • The steps that need to be taken to close a deal
  • The Key Actions and “Power Moves” (hot tips) for moving deals forward
  • All the related Content you might need during a deal cycle
  • Insights into how the playbook is being executed for the deal

This capability is unique in the Sales enablement space for large deals.

The product user interface employs a kanban board approach to defining the Playbook in a way that is consistent with Agile sales management principles.

Meanwhile, we have developed a lot of the core Content management functionality that our competitors offer.

The Insights sections enable sales teams to easily identify where they are succeeding and failing on opportunities. Salespeople can garner insight in real-time into what key actions, power moves, and content is available to them to move a deal forward.

Of course, integration with Salesforce.com is super important. We are building integrations so that salespeople can find the content they want and the insights they need from inside Salesforce.com

sales playbook platform substitutes

What substitutes do people resort to because you don’t exist yet?

For the Playbook – companies will often use a Powerpoint document or maybe a Google Site.

For Content management – companies will use Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, or Confluence if they don’t use a Sales Enablement tool already.

The Sales Enablement category is heavily focused on solving the Content problem – this is a growth market with unicorns such as Highspot and Seismic. But they don’t have the Playbook / Sales process dimension to their product for managing big deals.

Why we have the right team to solve this problem

The co-founders of the business are David Marshall (CEO) and Marc Fasel (CTO) along with foundation investors David Jackson and Sue Jackson.

We have a proven track record in bootstrapping businesses and generating returns for investors that exceed 10x.

David Marshall has worked in B2B sales and worked with B2B sales technology since the mid 90s. He has implemented and used all the popular CRM tools and was one of the first Australian users of Salesforce.com in the early 2000s.

David founded Performio – a sales commission software for large sales organisations in 2009 and recently exited the business. David and Marc played the key role in developing and marketing the technology to make Performio competitive in the US market and the leading player in APAC. Performio’s target market is companies with large sales teams and the average deal value exceeds $100,000 per annum in licence fees. It was and is very much an “enterprise SaaS.”

Marc is a veteran software engineer with more than 20 years experience. He was CTO at Performio for seven years, where he built out the SaaS platform from servicing 10 customers to servicing 100+ customers including some of the biggest companies in Australia (Westpac, Optus, Vodafone, Comm Bank, News Corp, RealEstat.com.au etc) and grew the team 5x including the establishment of an enterprise scale DevOps capability.

David and Marc have both the customer and market segment insights into the problem as well as the technology skills and experience to win in the Sales Enablement category.

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David Marshall - Co-Founder and CEO

David is an expert in B2B sales and is a successful founder of multiple Sales SaaS businesses.

David has worked in sales, managed sales teams, run sales operations, designed sales incentives, and improved sales processes over a 30-year career.

He has consulted with around 100 Australian and US sales teams. His latest startup, SalesGRID, helps salespeople achieve better sales results through better sales messaging.


Marc Fasel - Co-Founder and CTO

Marc has worked in software development for 20+ years and is an experienced CTO, Architect, Thought Leader, and Public Speaker.

He has a passion for building elegant, modern, and maintainable software. Marc has successfully collaborated with David in the past to build world-class sales technology software.

His aim with SalesGRID is to build a tool that is a pleasure to use and is loved by salespeople because it simplifies their sales activities and boosts their bottom line.

SG About Vision

Our vision for SalesGRID

In terms of our brand…

We will be known as the natural companion to Salesforce and other leading CRMs for B2B sales teams. Sales managers starting in a new company will want to first get a walk-thru of the SalesGRID account to understand how the sales process works.

Sales professionals will demand access to a SalesGRID account when they join a new company. SalesGRID will have a proven track record of delivering outstanding value to sales and marketing teams by developing an easy and engaging product that consistently HELPs salespeople sell – as opposed to providing more data and pipeline reporting.

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