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Supercharge your sales team with the smartest rep in the room

SalesGRID is your amazing AI powered sales enablement expert to help you and your sales team land more deals.

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Transform the way your team sells with your ChatGPT powered sales enablement platform

sales enablement ai saves time

Save Time

SalesGRID AI  provides immediate and accurate answers and content on any topic relevant to your sales process and customers, ensuring that your sales team always have the information you need.

sales enablement ai increases sales

Increase Sales

Run role plays. skills practice, have real time conversations with your sales coach AI when your human manager is unavailable.

sales enablement ai improves buyer experience

Improve Buyer Experience

Bring customers into your pipeline earlier. Enable customers to self-serve. To get the information and answers when they need it.

What can your Sales Expert AI do for your Sales Team?

SalesGRID AI can operate as a fully ramped sales assistant and sales coach because it is plugged into and trained on your sales process, content, and knowledge base.

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Get Instant Answers

Get real-time answers to your questions with our advanced semantic search engine. No need to worry about keywords or categories, it understands what you’re looking for.

Streamline RFP responses

Simplify your response process to RFPs and questionnaires with our tool. Provide a comprehensive first draft response including Y/N options, comments, and reference content.

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sales ai tools

Create Compelling Content

Craft persuasive sales content that resonates with your target audience. We’ll help you create effective content that helps you close more deals.

Improve Sales Skills

Improve your sales skills with realistic practice scenarios. Our Co-Pilot allows you to role-play and rehearse for meetings, refining your pitch and closing more deals.

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Optimize Sales Tactics

Let SalesGRID guide you with relevant tactics and next steps throughout the sales process, from prospecting to closing. Get valuable insights to close deals more efficiently.

Buyer Concierge

Provide a personalized buying experience for your customers with our AI-powered sales team. They engage with customers in a private digital salesroom or on your website, providing a seamless buying experience.

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How do you train SalesGRID?

The Good news is that SalesGRID is built on a sales content and process enablement platform that makes it easy to load in your sales process, methodology and content. So, you have full control over how you train the AI.

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Training your AI Sales Expert in 3 Steps


Deal Stages

Update SalesGRID to match the opportunity stages and steps in your CRM sales process.


Role Play

Start practising the different roles that SalesGRID is trained for. Measure the accuracy.


Give Feedback

Manage SalesGRID like you would any human salesperson, coach  or manager with ongoing review of performance.

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Streamline your RFP responses, create compelling content, enhance your sales skills, and close more deals today!

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