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SalesGRID captures all your best sales content, tactics and power moves into a collaborative, easy-to-use app for your sales & marketing team.


Are salespeople not following your processes?

We asked our customers why they would recommend using SalesGRID for their sales playbook. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Everybody does their own thing
  • Can’t find sales content when I need it
  • Wasting time reinventing new content
  • Frustrating pipeline review meetings
  • People using different sales decks
Repeatable Sales Process

Align Sales & Marketing

Organize all your key sales and marketing assets centrally. Work as a team to continuously improve content.

Effective Onboarding

Onboarding & Ramp-Up

Provide a first class onboarding experience from day one for your new sales producers.

Improve Sales Assets

Empower Established AEs

Improve sales conversion and turn your strategy & tactics into sales results using our sales playbook software.

SalesGRID for Sales Teams

Why Choose SalesGRID?

Flexible Playbooks

Our unique design will help you make sure each sales team has implemented your sales process efficiently.

Sales Knowledge base

Curate a library of content that’s proven to assist salespeople to sell. 

Track Progress

Keep track of how well your process is being executed. Understand where your opportunities really are in the pipeline.

B2Bs with Playbooks win more deals

See SalesGRID in Action

SalesGRID was built to help you take control of the sales process and get salespeople to consistently follow your business’ strategy.

Real Time Playbooks

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

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