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Your Ultimate Sales Companion

Helps Sales Teams Complete RFPs Write Better Emails Working Remotely Know It All Execute Sales Plays

SalesGRID’s AI sales assistant helps your sales team excel at every step in the process. It’s your ultimate sales companion and takes less than 30 minutes to set up!

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AI Sales Assistant Software

Get Savvy with AI Powered Sales

Realize the full potential of generative AI inside your sales process. “Savvy” is our AI powered chatbot providing enterprise-grade access to real time sales support content generation .

Fast Learner - AI Sales Assistant Software

Fast Learner

Start loading content and knowledge to train Savvy

Time Saver - AI Sales Assistant Software

Time Saver

The ultimate team mate takes the grunt work out of the sales process

Quality Improver - AI Sales Assistant Software

Quality Improver

Improve the consistency and accuracy of sales communication.

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Savvy has all the answers

Build credibility and trust on enterprise deals

Meet Savvy. Your personalized AI sales assistant who knows everything about your products and services. All the features and benefits. All the use cases. And it can explain how to tailor solutions to your customer’s needs.

Savvy helps your sales people ask better questions on calls

Go deeper than your competitors with insight generating questions

Use Savvy to prepare questions to fill the gaps in discovery and the sales qualification process. Use methodologies such as Challenger, SPIN and JoltEffect. Arm your reps with the best questions to uncover the key elements in MEDDICC.

Savvy provides tactical support on complex deals

Every move in your playbook and more

Savvy knows everything on the internet about sales process and methodology. And Savvy is also primed on your unique process and methodology. Ask Savvy for action plans and suggested tactics given the current situation on a deal.

Savvy can take the grunt work out of RFPs

Save time and improve response quality

Savvy reduces the time it takes to produce a quality 1st draft from days to less than one hour. And it’s more than just a time saver…

Savvy knows all your customer case studies

Arm your reps with all the knowledge on your customers and your product capabilities

Imagine if your salespeople knew everything about your customers, including their success stories and firmographic data. Picture your reps having in-depth knowledge of every capability and feature combination of your product, consistently able to align prospect’s needs with customer case studies and identifying resonating product capabilities.

Better Sales Messages = Better Sales Results

Generative AI is even better when it is plugged in to your sales content system and sales methodology.

Ask Savvy to draft you email responses to customer emails, outbound emails and more. Ask Savvy to write an exec summary or a sales pitch by reading a proposal document.

Your AI Sales Engineer in a Zoom Call

Picture a talking avatar inside your Zoom calls and Team meetings. Our vision is to create a platform where you can create your ultimate virtual “Sales Engineer” who can support and enable all steps in the sales process. It’s not about replacing your SEs with a bot. It’s about extending the expertise of the whole team.

Getting Started with SalesGRID is easy

All it takes a few of your documents

Simply compile documents that you think are rich in sales-related information: fast sheets, case studies, and RFP responses. Spend a few minutes getting started with SalesGRID, and Savvy will be ready to go!

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